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Coastal Addiction Medical can help
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We specialize in addiction and psychiatry.

We are an outpatient medical office

The treatment of addiction requires a coordinated approach. Available modalities include counseling, behavioral therapies, 12-Step programs and a variety of medication.

Coastal Addiction Medical Can Help

We provide medications that can help to prevent withdrawal and reduce cravings for drugs.

People with addictions can now begin to stabilize their lives and reduce the harms related to their substance use.

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Coastal Addiction Medical is focused on delivering high-quality and cost-saving medical care. We believe that open and honest communication, patient education, and a strong commitment to excellent health are the foundations for successful patient-provider relationships.

About us

Coastal Addiction Medical was born from the passion of two Physician Assistants wanting to provide the community with more personalized addiction medical care. Our team has over two decades of combined experience in addiction medical care…

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